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Steering repairs

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If you notice any sloppiness, juddering, floating, or other issues with your steering, make sure to book in with Tyrepower North Lakes 4X4 and Suspension for a FREE Vehicle Safety Check as soon as possible.

How to identify what's required and when

Steering Repairs

Your cars power steering system is very complex and is perhaps the most overlooked of all vehicle systems that require regular maintenance. It is an extremely complicated and sophisticated hydraulic mechanism. The system usually contains a power steering pump, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses and seals.

Regular servicing is a better option than waiting for things to go wrong and then facing expensive steering repairs. A power steering service involves a safety and performance inspection of the entire system.

Why are the little rubber bits under my car important to my cars suspension system?

The little rubbers attached to your vehicle’s steering componentry are called bushes or bushings and are designed to allow flexibility in the suspension system whilst ensuring correct mounting and alignment of individual suspension components. Bushes are used to ensure correct positioning of components such as sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars and control arms. Suspension bushes aid in cornering, making your driving more exhilarating, reduce the harshness of your vehicles ride and enhance the comfort of your vehicle.

Damaged or worn bushes impact on your vehicles tyre wear, steering and braking systems. Checking your vehicles bushes should be part of any safety inspection of your car.

As part of Tyrepower North Lakes 4X4 and Suspension’ FREE Vehicle Safety Check we will thoroughly check all steering components on your vehicle, including powering steering rack & steering pump components, CV joints, steering belts, valves, hydraulic lines, steering bushes, sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars, control arms and suspension bushes for any signs of wear & tear. We can also assist with replacing your tyres.

Call Tyrepower North Lakes 4X4 and Suspension on 07 3153 4136 to book your car in for a FREE steering check today or visit us in-store. Contact us today or Book Online.

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For more information about Steering repairs at Tyrepower North Lakes 4X4 and Suspension, call us directly on 07 3153 4136 or use the form to send us a message.

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